Julia Chuzhoy
Associate Professor,
Toyota Technological Institute at Chicago
Julia Chuzhoy

        6045 S. Kenwood Ave.
        Chicago IL 60637
Phone: 773-834-2490
Email: cjulia "at" ttic.edu

Toyota Technological Institute at Chicago is a research and educational institution, located on the University of Chicago campus. We have a Ph. D. program, and we are looking for prospective theory students. We also have a summer internship program, and we are interested in strong theory students, especially in the areas of algorithms and complexity. Please apply here if you are interested.

Brief bio

I have finished Ph.D. at the Computer Science Department at the Technion, with Seffi Naor as my advisor. I have spent three years as a postdoc: at MIT (with Piotr Indyk and Madhu Sudan as my hosts), at University of Pennsylvania, (host: Sanjeev Khanna) and at Institute for Advanced Study (Avi Wigderson's group). My CV is here.

Research interests

My broad research interest is theoretical computer science, with the main focus on the area of approximation. I am interested in both designing approximation algorithms for combinatorial optimization problems, and exploring the limits of approximation via inapproximability, or hardness of approximation, results. Specific problem types include network design and routing, graph partitioning, scheduling, and so on. I am also interested in graph theory, computational geometry and metric embeddings.

My research is supported by the NSF Career award and the Alfred P. Sloan research fellowship.


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Other Professional Activities

Program committees: APPROX 2005, APPROX 2007, FOCS 2007, APPROX 2008, FOCS 2010, APPROX 2011, ITCS 2013, STOC 2013, FOCS 2014.
Editorial board: Algorithmica

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