CMSC 25040 / 35040 - Introduction to Computer Vision, Spring 2010

Class materials (lectures, handouts, notes etc.)

Instructor: Greg Shakhnarovich
Office: TTIC (6045 S. Kenwood, 4th floor)
Office hours: by appointment.

TA: Patrick Donovan,
Office: TTIC (6045 S. Kenwood, 4th floor)
Office hours: Tuesday and Thursday 4-5pm

Scope: The course will cover the fundamentals of digital image formation; image processing, detection and analysis of visual features; representation of shape and recovery of 3D information from images and video; analysis of motion. We will also study some prominent applications of modern computer vision such as face recognition and object recognition and scene classification. Our emphasis will be on basic principles, mathematical models and efficient algorithms established in modern computer vision.

Text:The primary textbook for this class will be the upcoming "Computer Vision: Algorithms and Applications" by Rick Szeliski; a draft of the book is currently available online.

Tentative syllabus (subject to change and refinement):

Grading: there will be two homework assignments (largely experimental) each worth 25% of the grade, and a final project woth 50% of the grade.