TTIC Segmental CRF (SCRF)

A segmental CRF (SCRF) is a model that defines a probability distribution on a set of paths between two vertices. An edge in a path is often considered as a segment, hence the name.

The model and features are described in the model and features page. There is also a short tutorial for getting a simple model running.

You can read more about the experiments done with this toolkit in "A comparison of training approaches for discriminative segmental models."


The scrf package depends on ebt and fst. You need to download all three of them.


You need GCC 4.8.2 or above to compile.

Download the package, and follow the steps.

$ tar zxvf ttic-scrf-0.1.tar.gz
$ cd ttic-scrf-0.1
$ CXXFLAGS="-O3" make -C ebt
$ CXXFLAGS="-O3" make -C scrf
All executables are in scrf/.