Kevin Stangl

Hello! This is the homepage for Kevin Stangl. I am a first year graduate student in computer science at the Toyota Technological Institute at Chicago. My advisor is Professor Nati Srebro. My email is my first name at ttic dot edu.

I went to UCLA for my undergraduate work in applied mathematics and took coursework primarily in probability theory, machine learning, and algorithms. I am currently interested in statistical learning theory. I am partially supported by an NSF RTG Grant Computational and Applied Mathematics in Statistical Science. My Erdos number is 4!

I frequently spill coffee while walking on this bridge.
Publications: Here is my ArXiv

Undergraduate Projects: During the summers as an undergrad I participated in two REUs, one at UCLA and one at Purdue. At UCLA I studied compressed sensing for longitudinal MRI with Professor Deanna Needell. At Purdue I worked on non-Markovian random walks with Professor Jonathon Peterson. Both these projects resulted in student papers. REUs are great fun and I defintely recommend applying to them if you are an undergraduate!