Full touch mobile phone with Oscilloscope and Signal Generator for Electrical Engineers (patent num: IR 66411)

Having a phone that can provide all in one electronic lab was always a dream for me, so at very first year of studying in university I decided to make one. learning how to work with ARM processors was a good start. At first I try to design an Atmel Sam7X256 evaluation board to learn how to use it. You can see its picture below.

Mohammadreza Mostajabi
Little by little I learned how to drive LCD and MMC. After a while I wrote a simple OS for ARM7TDMI core with a help of my friend. following pictures shows the Oscilloscope function of a prototype model of the phone.
Final version of the phone composed of following items:
1- Light operating system which was written by me and my freind (M.Baseri). Compatible with ARM7 and ARM9 and ARM11 series.

2- Hardware support for both Oscilloscope with working frequency up to 100 KHz and Signal generator capabale of generating square,sine and triangle waves ranging from 10Hz to 2MHz

3- sending and recieving SMS, Dial and answer calls, entertaining programs such as touch paint and so on.

Screenshots from our phone's user interface are as follow

Our oral presentation at Persian Gulf festival of innovation and technology, Spring 2011
Copyright 2011 Mohammadreza Mostajabi