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Every Friday 2pm at TTI-C


Come to bounce ideas off, learn who is up to what, give and see talks.

2008-09 Schedule

[4/03/09]Fritz Henglein (DIKU)What is a Sorting Function?
 Derek Dreyer (MPI-SWS)Logical Step-Indexed Logical Relations
[4/17/09]Jeffrey Mark Siskind (Purdue University)Automatic Differentiation of Functional Programs and its use for Probabilistic Programming
[1/16/09]John Reppy The Manticore project
[1/23/09]Jon RiehlThe SML NJ Extensible Front-end Design
[2/13/09]Matthew HammerCEAL: A C-Based Language for Self-Adjusting Computation
[2/20/09]Mike RaineyCalling Variadic Functions from a Strongly-Typed Language
[2/27/09]Lars BergstromML in Eclipse
[3/06/09]George KuanHigher-order modules and separate compilation
[3/13/09]Alan Jeffrey (Bell Labs)Proving Programs Correct Using Java Types
[10/10/08]Amal AhmedState-Dependent Representation Independence
[10/16/08]Ranjit Jhala (UC San Diego)Liquid Types
[10/17/08]Jon RiehlImplementing the MyFEM Embedded Domain-specifc Language
[10/24/08]Matthew FluetA Cost Semantics for Self-Adjusting Computation
[11/07/08]Amal AhmedAll for Nothing: Gradual Typing with Polymorphism and Blame
[11/21/08]Xinyu FengLocal Rely-Guarantee Reasoning

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