2005-06 Academic Year

[01/27/06]Derek, Matthew and WonseokPOPL Bytes: Short talks on selected papers from POPL'06
[02/03/06]Gökhan MemikImpact of Application Characteristics and New Technologies on Processor Microarchitectures
[02/10/06]Matthias Blume Tutorial: continuations (code)
[02/17/06]Aaron TuronLexing and parsing revisited: new front-end tools for Standard ML
[02/24/06]Derek DreyerTutorial: type soundness revisited - coinduction and indexed models
[03/03/06]Wonseok Chae MLPolyR: Functional Record Update & Extension (pdf)
[04/14/06]Mike RaineyEquality and Subtyping in Moby
[04/21/06]Jacob MatthewsThe Meaning of Multi-Language Programs
[04/28/06]Adam ShawModules and Type Classes
[05/05/06]Matthew HammerOn transforming standard programs into self-adjusting programs
[05/12/06]George KuanA rewriting semantics for type inference
[05/26/06]Paul HovlandImplementation of Automatic Differentiation Tools
[06/02/06]Jonathan RiehlAssimilating MetaBorg: Embedding language tools in langauges