2006-07 Academic Year

[10/06/06]Aaron TuronML-ANTLR: A pred-LL(k) Parser
[10/13/06]John Riehl Assimilating MetaBorg: Embedding language tools in languages
[10/20/06]John Reppy Application-specific foreign-interface generation
[10/27/06]Matthew Hammer Towards concurrent adaptive programming (slides)
[11/03/06]Derek Dreyer Principal type schemes for modular programs
[11/10/06]John Reppy Parallel Concurrent ML
[11/17/06]Jacob Matthews Topsl: A Scheme DSL for Online Surveys
[12/01/06]George Kuan Deconstructing FLINT - 1
[12/12/06]Anwar Ghuloum (Intel Labs) Programming Challenges for Many-Core Computing
[02/09/07]Matthew Fluet Transactional Events Implementation
[02/16/07]David MacQueen Deconstructing FLINT - 2
[02/23/07]Matthias Blume Well-typed Programs Do Not Have Uncaught Exceptions
[03/02/07]Wonseok Chae The MLPolyR Frontend compiler for C--
[03/09/07]John Reppy A Manticore status report
[03/23/07]George Kuan A Rewriting Semantics for Type Inference
[04/13/07]Andres Loeh (University of Bonn) Contracts in Trinity
[04/20/07]Mike Rainey Nested Schedulers for Heterogeneous Parallelism
[04/27/07]Patricia Johann (Rutgers University) Initial Algebra Packages for Principled Programming with Nested Types
[05/04/07]Jacob Matthews What's up with PLT Scheme?
[05/18/07]Matthew Hammer ACTK: Adaptive Computation Toolkit - Progress Report
[06/01/07]Derek DreyerInside Modular Type Classes
[06/15/07]Ruy Ley-Wild (Carnegie Mellon University) Concurrent Separation Logic
[06/19/07]Andreas Rossberg (Saarland University) Typed Open Programming - A higher-order typed approach to dynamic modularity
[07/27/07]Aaron Turon Metaprogramming with Traits