2007-08 Schedule

[10/19/07]Xinyu FengCertified Concurrent Code with Interrupts
[10/26/07]Matthias BlumeEquivalence-Preserving Compilation
[11/02/07]Brigitte Pientka (McGill University)Functional programming with higher-order abstract syntax
[11/09/07]David MacQueenKahn Networks at the Dawn of Functional Programming
[11/16/07]Suresh Jagannathan (Purdue University)Memoizing Communication
[11/29/07]Leaf Petersen (Intel)Ct and Pillar: Building a Foundation for Many-Core Programming
[12/07/07]Adam ShawCompiling Manticore
[12/14/07]Derek DreyerMixin' Up the ML Module System
[01/25/08]Umut Acar              Towards Compiling Self-Adjusting Programs
[02/01/08]Amal Ahmed              Step-indexed logical relations
[02/15/08]Jon Riehl                            Mython, a super-glue language
[02/22/08]Tim Hinrichs               SEPL: Simple Ethane Policy Language
[02/29/08]Matthias Blume               Equivalence-Preserving Compilation (2)
[03/07/08]Matthew Fluet              Mechanizing Metatheory in LF/Twelf
[03/14/08]Xinyu Feng               SCAP for Certified Low-Level Code
[04/11/08]Mike RaineyCancelation in Manticore
[04/25/08]Wonseok Chae                          Featherweight foreign interface for the MLPolyR language
[05/02/08]Matthew FluetManticore: A heterogeneous parallel language
[05/09/08]Robby FindlerDrScheme, why systems building matters
[05/20/08]]Derek DreyerMixin' Up The ML Module System
[05/30/08]Matthew Hammer & Xinyu FengPLDI practice talks
[06/06/08]Daniel Spoonhower (CMU)Scheduling Parallel Functional Programs
[06/13/08]David MacQueen             Modules and Type Classes