This skin allows to use PmWiki for a website with menu tabs for groups without making it look like a conventional wiki. An area above the header is provided for links of partnering sites or pages like about, imprint, etc.

Links for edit, history, etc are hidden and only available by using keystrokes (see below).

The layout of SimpleTab is inspired by the Wordpress theme K2.

SimpleTab is based on the modifications on PmWiki that I made for the InnoVis website.


The SimpleTab skin is made available under the GNU General Public License.


As links for edit, diff, changes, etc are hidden, you have to reach them by kestrokes or access keys. You have to hit a combination of keys depending on browser and platform:

  • Internet Explorer: Alt + Key and after releasing them Enter
  • Firefox: Alt + Shift + Key
  • Safari, Firefox (Mac): Ctrl + Key
ssave text (when page is in edit mode)
hhistory of page
crecent changes of group
rall recent changes on public wiki
aattach file
sedit Site.SiteBar
tedit links above header (TopBar)
medit menu (TabMenu)

… read more about using access keys in different operating systems and browsers on the access keys? page.