Qingming Tang


PhD Candidate,
Toyota Technological Institute at Chicago (TTIC)
6045 S Kenwood Avenue, Chicago, Illinois, 60637, USA
Email: qmtang@ttic[DOT]edu

About me

I am a sixth year PhD student at TTIC working with Karen Livescu . I'm mainly interested in machine learning and its applications in speech processing and natural language processing.

Specifically, I am interested in (multi-view) representation learning, deep generative models, variational inference, structure prediction, and their applications to speech recognition, speech synthesis and natural language understanding. I used to work on computational immunology, RNA-Seq analysis and privacy perserving data publishing.


Acoustic Feature learning using cross-domain articulatory measurements.
Qingming Tang, Weiran Wang and Karen Livescu
ICASSP 2018 (to appear)

Acoustic Feature Learning via Deep Variational Canonical Correlation Analysis
Qingming Tang, Weiran Wang and Karen Livescu
Interspeech 2017 [Paper] [Code] [Data]

Single-Cell Genomics: Approaches and Utility in Immunology.
Karlynn E. Neu, Qingming Tang, Patrick C. Wilson, and Aly A. Khan
Trends in Immunology (2017) [Paper]

BASIC: BCR assembly from single cells.
Stefan Canzar, Karlynn E. Neu, Qingming Tang, Patrick C. Wilson, and Aly A. Khan
Bioinformatics (2016) [Paper]

Learning Scale-Free Networks by Dynamic Node Specific Degree Prior.
Qingming Tang, Siqi Sun and Jinbo Xu
ICML 2015 [Pdf, Supplementary, Code]

Exact Hybrid Covariance Thresholding for Joint Graphical Lasso.
Qingming Tang, Chao Yang, Jian Peng and Jinbo Xu
ECML/PKDD 2015 [Pdf, Proof, Figure, Code]

Structure Learning Constrained by Node-Specific Degree Distribution.
Jianzhu Ma, Qingming Tang, Sheng Wang, Feng Zhao and Jinbo Xu
UAI 2015 [Pdf ]

Bermuda: De novo assembly of transcripts with new insights for handling uneven coverage.
Qingming Tang, Sheng Wang, Jian Peng, Jianzhu Ma and Jinbo Xu
ACM-BCB 2015 [Pdf, Supplementary]

DeepCNF-D: predicting protein order/disorder regions by weighted deep convolutional neural fields.
Sheng Wang, Shunyan Weng, Jianzhu Ma and Qingming Tang
International Journal of Molecular Sciences 2015 [Paper]

A Clustering Hybrid Based Algorithm for Privacy Preserving Trajectory Data Publishing.
Yingjie Wu, Qingming Tang, Weiwei Ni and Zhuihui Sun
Journal of Computer Research and Development,2013,50(3)

Algorithm for k-Anonymity Based on Rounded Partition Function.
Yingjie Wu, Qingming Tang, Weiwei Ni and Zhuihui Sun
Journal of Software,2012,23(8):2138-2148

Subspace Partitioning Based Dynamic Programming Algorithm for Optimal k-anonymization
Yingjie Wu, Yilei Wang, Qingming Tang, Zhuihui Sun, Shangbin Liao
Mini-micro Systems,2011,32(10) [Pdf ]

Utility-based k-anonymization.
Qingming Tang, Yingjie Wu, Shangbin Liao and Xiaodong Wang
2010 6th International Conference on Networked Computing and Advanced Information Management: 318-323 [Pdf ]

Technical reports and theses

Network Inference by Learned Node-Specific Degree Prior
Qingming Tang, Lifu Tu, Weiran Wang and Jinbo Xu [Pdf]

Protein-protein Interaction Prediction via Structured Matrix Completion
Qingming Tang, Lifu Tu, Aly A. Khan and Jinbo Xu [Pdf ]

Approximation Algorithms for Steiner Tree Problem in Graphs
A.B. Thesis

Privacy Preserving Data Publishing
S.M. Thesis