I'm now a 3rd year graduate student in Toyota Technological Institute at Chicago. My advisor is Greg Shakhnarovich.

Before that, I got my Bachelor degree from Shanghai Jiao Tong University IEEE Honor Class, where I worked with Prof. Yuncai Liu and Prof. Xinbing Wang.

My research interests involve Computer Vision and its combination with Language.


2017/06/12: I start my internship at Adobe Research. First time in Bay area.
2017/02/27: My recent work "Comprehension-guided referring expressions" is accepted by CVPR 2017. [arxiv link]
2015/12/14: I build a blog on github. Link to the blog.
2015/09/21: I start my new life in TTI-C and in Chicago.
2015/04/04: I have accepted the Ph.D. admission from Toyota Technological Institute at Chicago. See you in Chicago!