(The following things were really old.) In this page, I put some interesting thoughts, and also something about me. No internal logic, but you can know me more.


  • What is innovation?
    In my opinion, innovation is not without foundation, it's also from learning. The reason we think something is innovative is because it learned differently; its point of view is different. So, can we generate some innovative works by using some more random model. Innovation is not statistical, so the traditional statistical machine learning model doesn't fit(?). So can we get innovation from some genetic algorithm?

  • What is aesthetic?
    Can we build a model which can indicate the statistical distribution of how beautiful a new painting is given the judge of previous painting. I'm thinking of if a person is trained by a series of Mid-century paintings, can it give a correct (or reasonable) reaction on an impressionism artwork? Can we find an evaluation function? Or, make it simpler, can we find an evaluation function for a specific type of art; or can we simulate a man's aesthetic view just like we learn the customer habit?

  • What's the similarities and differences between perceiving a normal picture and an artwork. What makes it?

  • Can we get a model of human brain, a model containing the abstraction and the probablitiy of the human brain?(Model like deep learning is still fixed when detecting) The model should be a chaotic system, even everything is the same. The result could be different.(Quatum computer?) We should know what's the most possible using the model (like quantum).

  • If we may never create such system(may be proved in the future?). An alternative way is to combine computer with human brain. Since the computational model are not the same, they can work as different function, and cooperate together.

  • Create. Turn any innovative work into a kind of algorithm so that we can use computer to do many abstract things, like writing, painting, designing.

  • Aesthetic View: how do we define beautiful for an art work or a design.

Interesting website about IT

In Chinese:

  • Iplaysoft: A quite interesting website introducing many useful softwares.(update carefully)

  • 36Kr: My favorite news website about IT startups.

In English:

  • 500: A website full of javascript.

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