Vikas K. Garg

Email: vgarg (AT) mit (DOT) edu


  • I am now interning with Microsoft Research (MSR) in Redmond, and starting Fall-2014, would attend the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) as a graduate student in Computer Science.
  • I'm a reviewer for NIPS-2014.

Research Interests

My interests change so frequently that I keep losing track (if you ever come back here, you'll find this to be the most dynamic section of my homepage!). All I have been able to figure out is that I want to solve some massive real world problem, which would have a positive impact on the society. As of now, only three ingredients are missing in that pursuit: the (a) problem, (b) skills, and (c) efforts. I am reasonably confident that (a) would fall in the domain of education/energy/health-care, and (b) would encompass acquiring some degree of expertise in at least Machine Learning, Large Scale Mining, Distributed Computing, Social Networks, and Algorithms. I have absolutely no clue about (c).

I'm always looking for collaborations on interesting/intellectually stimulating/meaningful research problems, so if you're passionate about something falling in this realm, please drop me a line.


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