Workshop on Speech Production in Automatic Speech Recognition

August 30, 2013
Lyon, France

Submission instructions

Authors have a choice of submitting a 2-page abstract or a full 4-6 page paper. This is intended to give workshop participants the opportunity to exchange ideas about work at various stages of maturity and scopes. Ongoing work, new results, position papers, and review papers are all welcome.

All submissions are due June 17, 2013 at 5:00pm, Pacific time and should be submitted by email to

Formatting Instructions

Abstracts may be up to 2 pages. Papers may be 4-6 pages including references. Both should follow the Interspeech 2013 formatting guidelines. All preparation guidelines can be found in the Interspeech 2013 authors' kit.

Submissions should be submitted in PDF format. Submissions that do not conform to the page limits or the specified format will be rejected without review.