Omar Montasser

Omar Montasser

Hi! I am a second year PhD student at the Toyota Technological Institute at Chicago. I am advised by Professor Nathan Srebro. I am interested in the theory of machine learning. Recently, I have been thinking about questions related to adversarially robust learnability.

Before TTIC, I completed a five year program (combined BS/MS) in computer science and engineering at Penn State. During my stay there, I have had the pleasure of working with Professors Daniel Kifer and Sean Hallgren on problems in machine learning and quantum computational complexity.


VC Classes are Adversarially Robustly Learnable, but Only Improperly
Omar Montasser, Steve Hanneke, and Nathan Srebro
COLT, 2019

Predicting Demographics of High-Resolution Geographies with Geotagged Tweets
Omar Montasser and Daniel Kifer
AAAI, 2017 (Oral)